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  Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen ('70) was inducted into the Southwest Miami High School's Hall of Fame...

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Southwest Miami High School Forum

Test Forum
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Alumni Forum
    General Discussion
        So.... Class of 2000
        Class of 78
        Class of 70
        Class of '71
        Class of 97
        Southwest History Book
        Class of 79'
        Andre Dawson
        Finding old friends
        Old Friends
        class of 1997-2000
        lost and found - 90's
        1977 - 78 Searching for...
        Locate classmates - class of 1968
        Class Of '92
        Class of '67 40th Reunion Pictures
        Class of 1975
        class of 1960
        class of 65-66?
        Class of 1984
        Class of 66
        08 State Champs need help!
        Class of 87
        Class of 1990
        50th Reunion for Class of 1960
        Was Anne Duncan your music teacher?
        Class of 1969
        Locate a grad - 71 or 72
        1960 50th Reunion 2010
        Class of 88
    Reunion Information
        How about late '60's/early '70s reunion
        Class of 1960 50th YEAR REUNION
        Class of '71
        Class of 1990- 20th year reunion
        Fifty (50) Year Reunion Class of 1961!
        1980 Reunion
        JOHN ROBERT HOWELL class of 1960
        Class of '72 - 40th Reunion Cruise - for '70-'74
        Class of 1967 45th Reunion Information
        Class of 63 class reunion?
        class of 1975
        Class of '68 Reunion?
        Class of 71
        Reunion for class of '79?
        Reunion 87
        Class of 1971...Where R U????
        1959 50th Reunion, 60 & 61 Invited
    Alumni Web Sites
        you can dance if you want to
        Class of 67 Web Site

Students Forum
    General Discussion
        Girls' Volleyball in the News
        Faculty of 1956-1961 Era
        1965 Eagles lost in Vietnam
        2000-2001 fellow Ass. Football Coach Gordy
        Class of '95
    Student Web Sites
        Class of '67 KIT Page
    Upcoming Events

Faculty Forum
    General Discussion
        Faculty of 1956-1961 Era
        2000-2001 fellow Ass. Football Coach Gordy
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Getting Started
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In Memory
    In Memory of Our Friends
        Mike Mason - Class of 70
        The Passing of 2 Former Coaches
        Linda Rhodes class of 78
        Coach Jupin Passing
        Passing of Robert "Byron" Thompson Class of 1978
        Chuck Guy has passed away
        Class of '67 Fallen Eagles
        passing of John LeBaron

Moderators Forum
    Moderators Board
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 SW Forum
  Visit the forum, read the posts, locate other Alumni, old friends, it's easy and it's free...

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 In the News
  The runner-up for the assistant principal's honor was Anne-Marie DuBoulay...

  Erik Rico, one of this year’s tri-captains at Cornell...
  Lucent Technologies honors Maylen Rafuls with invitation to fifth annual Global Science Scholars program...
  Javier Davila is Announced one of  Citigroup Academy of Finance Scholars...
  Krystel Vieites...captain of the dance team at Southwest Miami Senior...
  Raymond Reyes and Adrian Sixto automotive-technology students placed second...
  Katherine Holbrook, delegate for Able Trust's Youth Leadership Forum...
  Harvard Gazette: Lindsay Hyde started the mentoring program Strong Women, Strong Girls...

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