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  Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen ('70) was inducted into the Southwest Miami High School's Hall of Fame...

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SouthWest Miami High School Eagles - Dade County - Florida

Southwest Miami High School, located in the S.W. section of Miami, Florida, has been and continues to be the educational and social springboard for many Miami residents.  This web site is a free, non-commercial, gathering point.  Our Online Forum will allow Alumni from all years and graduating classes to interact without any fee or payment.

The forum includes an automated email verified registration to be completed in order to post or interact, but anyone can read and browse the posts.  If you would like to find someone just look at the members list inside the forum to see if they are registered as yet.  If so, you can email them from there.  If you would like to be found simply register in the forum and you can choose to provide as little or as much information as you want in your personal profile.  

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Do you know what year was photo this taken?  If you have any photos of Southwest through the years, that you would like to share, feel free to send them to us so we can put them online.  Photos click here

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  Visit the forum, read the posts, locate other Alumni, old friends, it's easy and it's free...

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 In the News
  The runner-up for the assistant principal's honor was Anne-Marie DuBoulay...

  Erik Rico, one of this year?s tri-captains at Cornell...
  Lucent Technologies honors Maylen Rafuls with invitation to fifth annual Global Science Scholars program...
  Javier Davila is Announced one of  Citigroup Academy of Finance Scholars...
  Krystel Vieites...captain of the dance team at Southwest Miami Senior...
  Raymond Reyes and Adrian Sixto automotive-technology students placed second...
  Katherine Holbrook, delegate for Able Trust's Youth Leadership Forum...
  Harvard Gazette: Lindsay Hyde started the mentoring program Strong Women, Strong Girls...

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